Oscilloscope Probes


The PICO-TA499 PicoBNC+™ 10:1 Scope Probe and Adaptor has a fixed x10 attenuation and is intended for both high-speed signals like CAN and FlexRay as well as for higher voltage signals, such as primary ignition. It is the equivalent of the existing PICO-TA375 Oscilloscope Probe and the PICO-TA197 10:1 Attenuator.

The length of the earth lead has been increased on the PICO-TA499 and is also supplied with an adaptor tip allowing it to be used with any of the 4mm Clips. The Probe is automatically recognised by PicoScope software when it is connected to the scope.

The probe works with the latest 2 and 4-Channel 4X25A PicoScopes and is automatically recognised by the PicoScope software when connected.

100MHz Oscilloscope Probe

These 100MHz high-quality, general purpose oscilloscope probes have sufficient bandwidth to examine high speed signals such as the control and communication busses in modern vehicles. A two-position slide switch allows attenuation of either x1 or x10 to be selected.

They are supplied with a range of accessories such as a clip used to attach the probe to the wire you are probing, a ground clip, a screwdriver used to adjust probe compensation and coloured identifiers.

This probe is particularly useful if you want to probe CAN bus and FlexRay signals.

25MHz 1400V Differential Oscilloscope Probe x20/x200

The PICO-TA057 active differential oscilloscope probe lets you use a standard earthed oscilloscope to measure signals that are not referenced to ground.

Attenuation ranges 20:1 / 200:1
Differential voltage range ±140 V (DC + peak AC)
or 140 V RMS (1/20)
±1400 V (DC + peak AC)
or 1400 V RMS (1/200)
Common-mode voltage range ±1400 V (DC + peak AC)
or 1400 V RMS (1/20 and 1/200)
Absolute maximum voltage
(Differential or common-mode)
±1400 V (DC + peak AC)
or 1000 V RMS CAT III (1/20 and 1/200)
Bandwidth DC to 25 MHz (–3 dB)
Accuracy ± 2%
Rise time 14 ns
Input impedance 4 MΩ / 5.5 pF each side to ground
Power requirements 4 x AA cells
or 6 V / 60 mA DC mains adaptor


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