4823 8-Channel Professional Kit

Engine and Hydraulics involves comprehensive diagnostics and analysis and our new Kit is perfectly suited to this. It is a combination of our Diesel Kit with two WPS600C Hydraulic Pressure Transducers, enabling you to diagnose faults quickly and accurately on many different types of mobile machinery.

Have a look at the 4823 8-Channel Oscilloscope for more detailed information about this particular PicoScope.

4425A 4-Channel Engine & Hydraulics Kit Contents
4823 Professionl Kit Contents
Part SKU Description Quantity
PICO-MI074 Secondary Ignition Pickup 8
PICO-MI121 USB2 4.5m Cable 1
PICO-MI168 S Hook 2
PICO-PA038 Telescopic pack: 45x45 length 80-120mm 2
PICO-PA147 Pico-branded 6-Pocket Roll-up Pouch 1
PICO-PA186 Carry Case: Heavy Duty PS4823 1
PICO-PR361 4823 8-Channel PicoScope 1
PICO-TA001 Multimeter Probe (Black) 2
PICO-TA002 Multimeter Probe (Red) 2
PICO-TA003 Small Crocodile Clip (Black) 2
PICO-TA004 Small Crocodile Clip (Red) 2
PICO-TA005 Dolphin Clip 1000V CAT-III (Black) 2
PICO-TA006 Dolphin Clip 1000V CAT-III (Red) 2
PICO-TA008 Back-pinning Probe Set 1
PICO-TA017 4mm Shrouded to Unshrouded Adaptor (Red) 8
PICO-TA018 20A/60A Economy Current Clamp - BNC 1
PICO-TA033 BNC to BNC Cable with Earth Clamp 1
PICO-TA034 ATC / ATO Fuse Extension Lead 1
PICO-TA035 Mini Fuse Extension Lead 1
PICO-TA037 HT Extension Test Lead 4
PICO-TA106 Earth Wire for Coil Pack 45cm 1
PICO-TA125 Premium Test Lead Blue 3m BNC to 4mm Permanent Ground 1
PICO-TA126 Premium Test Lead Red 3m BNC to 4mm Permanent Ground 1
PICO-TA12 Premium Test Lead Green 3m BNC to 4mm Permanent Ground 1
PICO-TA128 Premium Test Lead Yellow 3m BNC to 4mm Permanent Ground 1
PICO-TA472 Premium Test Lead Black 3m BNC to 4mm Permanent Ground 4
PICO-LA732* Destiny 8-channel scope sheet of Coloured Labels 1
PICO-TA155 1.8m USB 3 Cable - Blue 1
PICO-TA157 Battery Clip (Red) 2
PICO-TA158 Battery Clip (Black) 4
PICO-TA161 Flexible Back-pinning Probe (Black) 8
PICO-TA162 Flexible Back-pinning Probe (Red) 8
PICO-TA167 200A/2000A 20KHz Premium Current Clamp BNC 1
PICO-TA168 JCASE Fuse Extension Lead 1
PICO-TA197 10:1 Attenuator 4
PICO-TA204 BNC Coil-on-Plug and Signal Probe 1
PICO-TA206 Maxi Fuse Extension Lead 1
PICO-TA234 20A/30A 20KHz Premium Current Clamp 1
PICO-TA324 Premium Breakout Lead Set 1
PICO-TA329 Ultrasonic Parking Sensor Detector 2m 1
PICO-TA330 Keyless Entry Detector 3m 1
PICO-TA375 1:1/10:1 Switchable 100 MHz BNC Probe 2
Please Note: PICO-LA732 is a new item and has not yet been added to the Kit analysis.


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