4425A 4-Channel Advanced Kit

The 4-Channel Advanced Kit is able to perform most tests because it has both the 60A and 2000A Current Clamps, a COP Probe and a Secondary Ignition Pickup as well as a PicoBNC+ Scope Probe, Fuse Break-outs and many more accessories.

A Carry Case is also provided or you can choose to store your kit in Foam.

You can expand your Kit as necessary thereby increasing the number of tests you can perform by purchasing extra accessories.

4425A 4-Channel Advanced Kit Contents
1 4425A 4-Channel Automotive Oscilloscope
1 PicoBNC+ Test Lead: 4mm Permanent Ground 3m Blue 1 PicoBNC+ Test Lead: 4mm Permanent Ground 3m Red
1 PicoBNC+ Test Lead: 4mm Permanent Ground 3m Green 1 PicoBNC+ Test Lead: 4mm Permanent Ground 3m Yellow
1 PicoBNC+ 60A Current Clamp 1 PicoBNC+ 2000A Current Clamp
1 PicoBNC+ Wide-range Temperature Probe 1 PicoBNC+ Resistance Test Lead
1 PicoBNC+ COP Probe 4 PicoBNC+ Secondary Ignition Pickup
1 Standard (ATC) Fuse Extension Lead 1 Mini (ATC) Fuse Extension Lead
1 2 Pin AMP Connector Breakout Lead 1 2-pin ACS Connector Breakout Lead
1 JCASE Fuse Extension Lead 1 Maxi Fuse Extension Lead
2 S-Hook 1 Backpinning Probe Set
2 Multimeter Probe (black) 2 Multimeter Probe (red)
4 4mm Shrouded to Unshrouded Adaptor (red) 2 PicoBNC+ 10:1 Scope Probe
2 Battery Clip (black) 2 Battery Clip (red)
1 Dolphin Clip (black) 1 Dolphin Clip (red)
4 Flexible Backpinning Probe (black) 4 Flexible Backpinning Probe (red)
1 Pico-branded 6-Pocket Roll-up Pouch 1 Premium 6-way Breakout Lead Set
2 Small Crocodile Clip (black) 2 Small Crocodile Clip (red)
4 HT Extension Test Lead 1 Earth wire for Coil Pack 45cm long
1 USB 2.0 Cable 4.5m 1 Ultrasonic Parking Sensor Detector
1 USB 3.0 Cable 1.8m 1 Carry Case

Please have a look at our comprehensive list of Automotive Guided Tests. NB Some tests may require additional accessories that may not be supplied with these Kits.


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