General Accessories & Cases

General Accessories

Useful accessories for your Picoscope including cases, drawer labels, pouches and packs for clips and small components. Page under devlopment and more items will be added soon.

Automotive Cases

The Automotive Carry Case, as supplied with our top-of-the-range automotive diagnostic kits. This case is suitable for 4225 and 4425 PicoScopes.

There are many other cases that are suitable for NVH and Pressure Transducer Kits, as well as cases for all the 4x25A 4-Channel Kits and the 4823 8-Channel Kits.

Pico-branded Trolley Labels

A set of two Pico-branded labels.

  • 1 x small label (65mm x 635mm) – intended for the top drawer of the trolley
  • 1 x large label (295mm by 635mm) – intended for the bottom drawer on the trolley
  • Please Note: These labels may have to be cut to size to fit the different tool trolley drawers.

    Pico-branded 6-pocket Roll-up Pouch

    A useful roll-up pouch for Breakout Leads , in black with 6 pockets and the Pico logo.

    Cable Identifiers

    Although our Premium Test Leads are already colour coded, some cables are not.

    These cable identifiers clip over 5mm cables (e.g. Scope Probes, etc.) to aid in identifying which channel the cable or device is connected to.

    PicoScope Boom Kit

    The PicoScope Boom Kit allows you to store your PicoScope and all your commonly used Leads conveniently while allowing for quick access.

    The Boom has slots for three Current Clamps and up to nine cables.


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